STOMP aims to foster a "transfer-driven" culture at Fullerton College through peer-to-peer mentorship. 

stompference diana and natalie

What is a transfer-driven culture?

While institutions such as UCLA work toward creating what they deem a "transfer-receptive culture" that supports their transfer population, STOMP has coined the term "transfer-driven culture" to describe our objective. At the community college level, STOMP members claim their education through active engagement.

This basic tenet pushes STOMPers to become leaders and scholars that advocate for our communities. Through mentorship, STOMPers strengthen the bridges of communication with one another. They can provide a wealth of information and increase access to other resources.


peer-to-peer mentorship

STOMPers are both the mentor and the mentee. They engage in peer-to-peer mentorship to network, create friendships, and have a community to go to for advice and help. We assign them mentors that have transferred to build a connection to the campus of their choice. STOMP believes that community college students have just as much as much to offer as university students.


what we do

STOMP creates opportunities for our members to be in leadership roles and work together as a team. We encourage our members to present a presentation or workshop, lead a discussion, and/or organize an event at least once a semester.

In Spring 2017, each STOMPer facilitated their own workshop and organized STOMPference, a conference that provides resources to high school students and entering community college students.