S.T.O.M.P. Testimonials

Community College: Fullerton College University: USC  DEGREE: B.A. in Communications

Community College: Fullerton College

University: USC 

DEGREE: B.A. in Communications

Justin Marsden

I got fired around the same time that my son was entering pre-school, and I decided I would give college a try (especially considering that I would be receiving financial aid). I ended up at Fullerton College taking a few classes without any end game. Though I tend to be outgoing, I was a little fearful about getting involved around campus, and it was during my second semester that I started seeking out a group to connect with. Navigating the community college system wasn't easy alone, and I was hoping to find like-minded students that could provide some insight on the ins-and- outs campus and the resources that I could take advantage of. I visited an honors club meeting (which I never returned to) and met my first Stomper, Daphne (The FIRST Stomper). At the first Stomp meeting I went to, there were students like me, new to the community college system and unsure of their goals, and more importantly there were students that had already been in my same position, who understood some of the same difficulties I was going through and knew answers to questions that I had. The collective assistance and advice from different members of Stomp encouraged me to: pick a major tied with my passion, stay diligent with my studies, keep in regular contact with my academic advisor to assure I was taking the right classes, get involved in other on-campus organizations that I was interested in, apply for universities that I had previously thought out of my league, and apply for as much financial aid as possible.

Though all of these things turned out to greatly benefit my academic endeavors, it was the social aspects of Stomp that I really enjoyed. Every Tuesday I knew that I could rely on seeing friendly faces that genuinely cared about me and understood the struggles of college life. The diversity of Stomp's membership was refreshing, and it allowed for meetings to be a safe space where we could discuss important social issues from the many different perspectives provided by the members. Honestly, not having Stomp anymore was one of the hardest things I had to deal with when I left community college, but if it were not for my experience with STOMP during my time at Fullerton College, I wouldn't dream of being in the position I am today.


Karina Gomez

Testimonial coming soon!


Christian Ramirez

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